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Root Admin/Owner

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:32 pm

1] Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward users of the board.
Do not post anything that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities, or is unlawful in any other way.
There will be no discussion based on a national, religious, sexual or ethnical nature.

2] If you have a question, please use the Search Function first before asking it. There is a good chance that your question was already asked and answered before.

3] You may not submit any content protected by intellectual property laws or by rights of privacy, unless you own the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. You shall be solely liable for any damage resulting from any infringement of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.

4] It's not allowed to make any false representation, including impersonation of any person or entity or misrepresentation of your affiliation with any person or entity. Including the Staff Of ManiaCMU and the volunteers around it.

5] Do not make use of Message Board for commercial purposes, such as advertising any products or services, reselling or publishing the information posted or transmitted.

- Advertising other MU Server is not allowed, however, other games are fine and so GFX Forum but with an approval of a Moderator.

6] Signature Rules.
• Graphic Dimension limits: 400pixels in width, 170pixels in height and file size maximum of 220kb.
• Text Line Count with Graphic: Each line of text is equivalent to 15 pixels + Graphic Dimension, should not surpass limits as stated in #1. (6 lines of normal default editing text)
• User Bars: Maximum of 2, both should not exceed 400 pixels with the maximum height of 30 pixels each and the file size of 120kb, combined total file size of 2.
• Quote: Maximum of 2 lines of text, where each line corresponds to 3 lines of regular text. No additional text outside quote is allowed.
• Image / Avatars: Should not be offensive in anyway, that will merit violation.
• Smilies: 2 rows is the maximum allowed.
• Multimedia Imbeds: Music/video imbedded in the signature is not allowed.
• * Pets (Like dragons, Pokemons etc): Maximum allowed number of pets is two.
• RIP: Do not RIP someone's work without the permission of the author.
7] In addition to the above rules, all topics within ManiaC MU forums are to remain on topic. A notice will be posted on the thread if it is determined to be going off topic. Continuation will result in thread locking, in which the author of the thread may request reopening. Threads in Help Section and General forums are to pertain to ManiaC MU.
Threads in the Spam Zone are at the discretion of the thread author. If they request the thread remain on topic, then it shall be.

8] Power posting, posting back to back (multi posting), spamming and bumping will result in the post being locked or removed without further notice.
Mass Spamming of a thread will result of the following
•1st spamming offense - infraction
•2nd spamming offense - ban from thread for 24 hours
•3rd spamming offense - ban from thread for 3 days
•4th spamming offense - ban from forum for 24 hours

9] If you have a problem with any member of our community and you can't talk that over with him via PM, please contact a moderator by PM.
If you have a problem with a moderator and you can't talk that over with him, please contact the Lead Moderator.

10] If you want to contact only 1 person, or a certain group of posters, please use PM, In-Game mail or Instant Messaging to contact them.

11] While it is ok to use colors, larger and bold/italic words in your post, keep it to a few words. If everyone would use a different color for their posts this forum would give everyone a headache.
Full colored posts will be edited out by the moderators. So lets not use them in the first place.

12] We will in no way restrict these forums in terms of which MMOGs you can and cannot discuss. However, this discussion must be constructive. We will not permit insults directed at our competition.

13] PM's, emails and instant messaging conversations received from Administrators, Head GMs, Lead Moderators, Game Masters and Moderators are considered personal and are not to be posted on this forum or otherwise made public without permission from the person who send the PM, email or instant message.

14] If a person is banned, the GM or MOD that banned him/her should make a thread stating the banned person and IMMEDIATELY close the thread, in order to prevent useless spam like "good job',"good work","gratz+rep" etc... In the Banned Section should be just a (1)Notice about banned person, (2)reason why that person was banned, and (3)what the reason was of banning the person. Banned Accounts can always contact with the Team using the PM function.

15] In report section, moderators should delete IMMEDIATELY all needless comments like, "good work", " keep it up ", if thread not closed. Best if the thread will be closed at once, in order to prevent stop needless spam.

16] In video section and in humour section the maximum allowed is 5 jokes and/or films per one person in one day, otherwise it is Spamming. If someone exceeds that limit, he will be WARNED for spamming.

17] If you believe you were Warned Unfairly you can always talk it over with the Administrator. Since there is a chance you were warned unfairly, if the Administrator concludes that you are, the warning will be WITHDRAWN.

18] IF you saw an offense or a bad thing (Nudity, Porn, Swearing, Insults, etc.) on server/forum and you reported it, PLEASE BE PATIENT. The Administrators and GM's have MANY things to do. Do NOT worry your report WILL be read and problem WILL be Correctly Handled.

19] In reporting you must provide -
Name (of the person you are reporting), :
reason why you reporting him/her. :
The most important is SS (ScreenShot), :

make sure ur report is very informative.Without a SS GM's and Admin's cannot do anything, and they DO NOT have to take any action.

On reporting Foul Language it must be.
• Always take screen shot on full chatbox, so the admin/GMs can see entire conversation to evaluate the report. You can make full chatbox by pressing F4 on your keyboard. Keep pressing F4 key until your chat box become largest of all.
• Always take more than one screen shot before posting here to make clear on your report.

20] If your Forum account is TEMPORARILY Banned, DO NOT make new accounts. The Team has a program to check your IP adress and if they catch you, IT WILL NOT HELP YOU. You will then be Permanently Banned.

21] You're only allowed to bump a thread in Market Section every six (6) hours. You can also bump your thread in Report/help section if NO ONE writes there. Ifthe thread that you wrote found any interest or anyone wrote there DO NOT BUMP! If you have any problems with your thread write your problem to Mod, Gm or Admin by PM(Private Message).

Thread at non-Spam and Market Zone that are 1 month old and no one posting there, you must don't post anything there and give comments. because if it happened, that/Your post will be considered as bumping old thread.

22] Changing Names:
• Only VIP, Premium, Forum Heros and Staff Members can Change ForumIDs
• And You can Request Change Names ONLY every 6 Months
To Request a Name Change Please Contact a Community Manager or Lead Moderator

23] Also if You have any request related to the forum such as Creating new Guild Halls, Add/Remove Moderator(Guild Hall Section), etc. PM Commiunity Manager or Lead Moderator

24] Respect Whole ManiaC Team , especially Admins, Head Game Masters , Game Masters, Test Game Masters and Moderators because they are working to improve server performance and quality. REMEMBER you playing here for FREE so, respect the Team who helps you. All foul language or Insults to Team will be Infracted OR BANNED, Depending on how much you hurt the team member.

26] Have FUN!


-=ManiaC Mu MedicalAdmin=-

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