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Root Admin/Owner

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PostSubject: SERVER RULES   Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:27 pm

All ManiaC MU players, either staff members or regular players are fully responsible on their own accord to read, understand, and accept the following rules in order to use the ManiaC MU Servers and all of the privileges and benefits offered. Using ManiaC MU Servers means that all of the below rules have been read.

2] Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnical and/or other objectionable, pejorative and/or derogatory language toward users. This will get you banned for twenty-four(24) hours the first time. The second punishment goes for forty-eight hours(48), and the third one will be at HGM/Admin's consideration, posibily standing for a permanent ban on the account.

3] Never give your account information to another person. This is of private matter and is under your responsibility to keep it private. Sharing your account information is also your responsibility and doing such can cause you problems. These problems will not be resolved by the ManiaC MU Staff.

4] In addition to Rule # 3, absolutely nobody in the ManiaC MU Staff will ever ask you for your account information. In case one does ask for this data, is your responsibility to take it as a proof, and you are free to report it. In addition, absolutely nobody in the ManiaC MU Staff should ever ask you for your personal items. In case someone does, you're free to report it.

5] According to Rule # 4, reporting a Staff Member will not cause you troubles if you have the adequate proof. Defaming the ManiaC MU Staff is not permitted in any way, so be extremely careful with this rule, as your proof must be important, complete, legit and reliable.

6] Player Vs Player (PvP) Servers are opened for all users to have fun. There are no Player Killing (PK) Rules, and it is allowed under any circumstance. However, one is responsible to have some control, and allow other players to play also. This is because everyone should have a fair and enjoyable gaming experience, do not expect however that we punish someone for PKing you, also to Steal Kill or KS is totally legal on ALL of the ManiaC Mu Servers

7] If you do not wish to be "PK'd" there are about three or more (as long as we grow and develop) servers that are non-PvP, and this will be the best option for you.

8] Away From Keyboard (AFK) in training spots is not permissible. The user found doing this will be disconnected from the server, and warned. Consistency can make a GM take further actions, AFKing inside towns and safe zones and even in non safe zones, as long as its NOT in a training spot is allowed however.

9] Severe item drop in towns/safe zones is not allowed. The punishment applied is up to the GM and it can goes as far as permanent ban, in case this procedure is repeated several times. This is a reason of simple logic: Item droppers show no respect to either the server or to other players, so if don't want to be blocked or banned do not drop items in town.

10] In no way modifying the ManiaC MU Client is allowed. All modifications other than the ones released by the ManiaC MU Staff used are punishable of ban. First ban will be a short-term ban, which is also a warning. The second time will be permanent, the use of skins, to modify your clients appearance is accepted, however in case of making a report you MUST notify of any skin you might be using that can in anyways affect the report.

11] Advertising MU hacks, hack's web pages, other MU Servers are not allowed and will not be tolerated as well as using any type of program or exploit to gain any kind of advantage over the other players will be punished with a permanent ban on the account, and if it represents a serious threat to the servers stability, the ban can be extended to the IP, this also includes any kind of packet editing.

12] Impersonating in any kind of way, any member of the staff, will result in ban. Using a GM prefix or suffix is permitted, since GM can mean many things. However this will cause you problems, and people will report you on ManiaC MU Forums. For your own security and better gaming, do not put yourself at risk of getting banned by using these kinds of words in your in-game-name, always take notice that all the actual game masters will have straight names(no symbols or numbers) and will be part of the guild ADMIN(which also, is the only Game Master related guild).

13] You are not allowed to buy or sell souls or DONATED game items for real money. It is allowed only if the items are NON-donor items(2opt items, and other items that normally drop from mobs). Selling a Golden Fenrir for money is NOT allowed as it is a donor item. Also selling accounts, can only be done with the autorization of Admin, else it will be considered as illegal and can end up with a ban on the account, be warned however, ManiaC Mu Team WILL NOT offer any kind of help/assistance in case you get scammed by any way for doing this kind of trades.

*In addition to rule No. 13, selling/trading items/accounts from other games will lead to a permanent ban unless they are autorized by ManiaCKing.

14] If you deliberately do any of these above mentioned things to players and/or admin team to an extreme degree it will result in both the permanent banning of not only your forum account but also your in-game accounts as well. This Rule applies to everyone, including Server Donators, Sponsors, and Staff Members.

15] Respect our community by playing fairly.

16] Play and stand by the rules and there will be no need for arguments.


-=ManiaC Mu MedicalAdmin=-

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